Way Beyond Weight [Documentary]

There is a problem on human race, a heavy one. Worldwide, kids are heavier than they should. And unhealthy. From Brazil to Kuwait, the levels of childhood obesity are outstandingly high. “Why are kids carrying this extra weight? The industry, the marketers, the parents, the governments. Who is responsible for raising a healthy child?”.”Beyond Weight” is a movie that seeks to answer those questions in depth. It interviewed families, kids and specialists from all over the world.

This documentary made me sad. All these young kids are so overweight. They have the diseases that come with it, like diabetes and high blood pressure. The problem is complex; and not easily solved. Most of it boils down to knowledge – who has it, and who doesn’t. In this case, the corporations behind the fast food, soda, cookies, crisps and so on… they have all the knowledge and information. The people buying the food for their kids, they don’t know any better than that it’s food and that it must be good, because it has a brand logo stuck on it.

Some of the scenes that I definitely will remember:

  • These Brazilian kids don’t even know what a real potato looks like, or a mango…
  • A lot of passersby were very, very much surprised by how much sugar there actually is in Coca Cola.
  • The kid who traded in his school supplies for candy (because his mom didn’t give him candy anymore…)