Recipes: Spicy Cookies

Once upon a time… I had some left-over habanero peppers and was googling some recipes to use them up. I found a cookie recipe and I just had to try it. It was (surprise surprise) actually really good. They were fruity yet spicy (as in, your tongue’ll get burned). And I will totally recommend you try them 🙂

Habanero Cookies

Find the recipe here. These were fruity, yet spicy. Personally, I would use a little less peppers than the recipe says – just to make the cookies more enjoyable for other people as well.

Red Pepper Cookies

Another spicy recipe – find it here! Didn’t try this one yet, but it seems promising. I especially wonder what the olive oil and honey add to the taste of the cookie.

Chocolate Jalapeno Cookies

I made my own version of chocolate jalapeno cookies and they were great. Peppers and chocolate is a tried and tested combination, and this time it was great as well. I still want to make this version of the cookies sometime that inspired me to make this combination.


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