A package tour to North Korea

Read this travel story here at the Guardian online.

There are 21 of us, from all parts of the globe, most of us reasonably well-travelled, with the exception of Dan, a twentysomething Canadian, who has selected North Korea for his first ever trip abroad. (“No, Dan,” I hear someone say, possibly myself. “In other countries, you are allowed to leave your hotel without being officially accompanied by a government guide.”). And we’re all as excited as puppies.


Longread tip: How much my novel cost me by Emily Gould

Surfing slightly aimlessly around the web I came across this longread (long long essay), started reading and didn’t stop until I finished. It will be unlikely you (or me) experience the exact same things and feelings, but Gould’s essay illustrates how (not) to cope with failure, picking yourself up and how to get writing again. Click here for the whole longread.

It took me a while to realize that my book had failed. No one ever told me point-blank that it had.

It was more like the failure occurred in tiny increments over the course of two years, after which it was too late to develop a solid Plan B.

Recipes: Spicy Cookies

Once upon a time… I had some left-over habanero peppers and was googling some recipes to use them up. I found a cookie recipe and I just had to try it. It was (surprise surprise) actually really good. They were fruity yet spicy (as in, your tongue’ll get burned). And I will totally recommend you try them 🙂

Habanero Cookies

Find the recipe here. These were fruity, yet spicy. Personally, I would use a little less peppers than the recipe says – just to make the cookies more enjoyable for other people as well.

Red Pepper Cookies

Another spicy recipe – find it here! Didn’t try this one yet, but it seems promising. I especially wonder what the olive oil and honey add to the taste of the cookie.

Chocolate Jalapeno Cookies

I made my own version of chocolate jalapeno cookies and they were great. Peppers and chocolate is a tried and tested combination, and this time it was great as well. I still want to make this version of the cookies sometime that inspired me to make this combination.