New year’s resolutions – the research


  • Minimum Viable Effort

The first step is crucial — keep it tiny. Do not be ambitious yet. That leads to failure.
Consistency is what you’re shooting for here so make the hurdle as low as possible.
In fact, make it so low you’ll feel stupid that you were unable to do something that literally would have taken seconds.

  • Replace, Not Kill

The secret to breaking bad habits is to not try to eliminate them but to replace them.

  • Manipulate Context

Manipulate your environment so as to make what you should do easy and what you shouldn’t do hard.

Click here for more research-backed steps to make your resolutions last longer than a day.


2 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions – the research

  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I’ll enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your helpful ideas. Keep writing about books!

    My sister told me about the idea of making resolutions that are fun to carry out. This year, instead of the usual resolution about de-cluttering, I’ve set the goal of doing one nice thing for my house every month.

    One idea I’ve come up with is re-upholstering my living room chairs. They’re beautiful mid-century chairs, well-made, but their current upholstery is a problem.

    Hopefully, as I make my home nicer, I’ll be more motivated to de-clutter.

    • Thanks Jacki! I for sure have some links here and there on books, I believe. Stay tuned 😉

      I started it because of my huge collections of bookmarks in my browser, my reader, and other notes here and there. I wanted a place where I can put my notes and connect the dots, and I thought in this way it might be interesting to other people as well!

      The idea of a “fun” goal sounds good! Wish you all the best with doing one nice thing for your house every month. That’s one of these things that fall by the wayside sometimes, because you live in the place every day, but somehow you get ‘blind’ and lazy to some of these problems.

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